As an intuitive animal communicator, I talk with pets of all kinds, and wild animals too. I work with people and their pets to solve behavioral issues and improve their relationships.
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Someday, people will talk with animals as easily as we talk with each other. That will be a wonderful day for all of us

Welcome to Pets are Talking!

A happy pet is a pet that has been listened to. Good communication between the two of you creates a closer connection for both of you.

Here is what you can expect from working with me:

Better Behavior

The truth is that when we are not frustrated with our pets, we’re kinder to them.

I believe that when a pet is doing a difficult behavior, they’re trying to solve a problem with the tools available to them.

By teaching you how your pet sees their world, you’ll see the problems that your pet is trying to solve.

By teaching you how to teach your pet, you give your pet more tools to solve their problems.  And you show your pet how to handle the situations that they may find problematic.

Your pet will have more confidence and less anxiety, because with your help, their problems go away.

Help with Hard Times

When you’re bringing a new pet home, it helps to have someone who can help integrate your pet with the other pets in your home.  I can help your new pet understand their new world.

When a pet is sick or dying. It helps to have the voice of your pet to help you know what to do. Navigating the experience of end-of-life can be difficult. Our work together makes this time easier and better.

When you yourself are going through a hard time, your pet knows it.  Their world is impacted.  It can be hard for your pet to understand what’s happening. We can lower their anxiety and help them understand that things are going to be okay.

Relieved Trauma

Just like humans, when a pet experiences an abusive or neglectful home, they learn a world that requires certain behaviors and understandings to be safe.

In their new home, with you, they are adjusting to a world that is very different.

Some pets have never had an owner that cared about them, or that truly sought to understand them.

Some pets believe that they need to do everything right. Some pets think that their old owners are going to find them and take them back. Some pets just want to talk out what happened to them.

All pets want their owners to see them for who they are, and they need their owners to introduce them to this new life.

If you’re having a hard time cracking the nut of your pet’s past and how it shapes them today, I’m here to help.

Someone who cares about you and your animals

I’m an intuitive that talks with animals. That’s a tool in my toolbox.

I have other tools that are equally as important. I’m a good listener. I seek to understand. I have a wealth of experience around teaching and training.

Most importantly- I want a good outcome as much as you do.

I have been given this great opportunity. I have a job that helps animals. I get to truly make a difference. This is an amazing blessing and every day I want to be worthy of it!

– Bridget

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