A consultation conversation is an opportunity for you to talk with your animal companion. You can resolve problems in your relationship or just find out what your pet is thinking about.

How It Works

We schedule your appointment (usually I’m booked a week or so out. Sometimes more. There’s always room for emergencies).

I start with a list of questions from you and a picture of your pet. Then I tune in and talk with your pet. I keep extensive notes that read like a transcript of the conversation. On the same day, I call you (via phone or skype, your choice) at our agreed-to time. We talk together and I ask any follow-up questions that naturally extend from our conversation.

Typically, I spend about 45 minutes with the pet and another 45 minutes with the owner.


For an animal communication session, I charge $110.

If your pet is dying or has passed away, I offer a shorter session for $55.

If you are a current client and you want to check in on a pet that I’ve already talked with, I offer a shorter session for $55.

How to Schedule

Simply click on the add to cart button. This will send you to paypal, which will enable you to pay for your consultation using visa, mastercard or paypal.

I will contact you within 24 hours of payment and ask you for your pictures and questions. I’m usually much quicker than 24 hours.

Pets are Talking! Pet Consultation

Pets are Talking! Grieving Pet Parent Consultation

Pets are Talking! Returning Client Pet Consultation

Thank you! I look forward to working with you! And as always, if you have questions, email me here:

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