Jane Wiedlin’s Gone to the Dogs

I love the Go-Go’s.  I remember when they appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in their underwear. I thought that was so cool. I wanted to be on the cover of Rolling Stone in my underwear!

So, when a mutual acquaintance introduced me to Jane Wiedlin, I was a little starstruck.


I told my friend, Woods, about it.  He said, “Tell Jane that she’s always been my favorite Go-Go!”

I said, “I bet she gets that A LOT.”

“Yeah,” he said.

I’ve had famous clients before, and I think it’s important to respect the privacy of these clients, but Jane is so kind, she told me that I could her dogs’ experience and also, I think they have an interesting story to tell beyond the fact that they are Jane’s dogs.

Meet Malcolm and Angus


That’s Malcolm on the Left and Angus on the Right.

They are brothers and they had several homes before Jane adopted them.

Jane calls them her “two-headed hydra” because they go to the dog park and sometimes they terrorize other dogs.  Also, they were upset when they had to meet new people. Could we work something out?

I talked with Malcolm first. He was interesting.  He shared with me that he didn’t like people that “weren’t cool”.  He showed me someone that he thought was cool. He showed me a man with reddish brown hair and black framed glasses.  I wondered if the glasses were as prominent in real life as they seemed to Malcolm.  Malcolm said that this was Jane’s friend.

When I told Jane, she sent me this picture of her boyfriend Travis.  She thought it was funny that Malcom referred to Travis as her friend.


See! See the glasses?  Yeah, they are pretty awesome.

Little Dogs and Aggression

Malcolm told me that he didn’t like it when people treated him like “My Little Pony”.  He found that “emasculating”.  So, he didn’t like that.  Little dogs tend to be perceived as cute and sweet, and not as small but intelligent dogs.  When dogs have been treated this way, they start to act out.

Also, they are small, so being around big feet and being manhandled is stressful.

The Window

Angus told me that he “likes to express himself aggressively”.   He enjoys picking on smaller dogs.

I said, “Hey, those dogs have feelings. What do you think about that?”

Angus said, “Well they aren’t my feelings, so I guess I’m okay with it.”

Angus and Malcolm are not bad dogs.  They are dogs that lived in situations where they weren’t treated with respect. They didn’t learn about the feelings of others because their own feelings weren’t respected.

So, now, there is this window of appropriate behavior that Jane must find them in.  The window is when they aren’t acting out of fear and also when they aren’t acting out of a desire to “express themselves aggressively”.

I think, in time, they will learn to respect the feelings of others.  They’ll also learn that they are safe with Jane and Travis and the people in their home.

I suggested a positive training technique to lower their anxiety around new dogs and people.  It involves giving treats to Malcolm and Angus when they are in the presence of new dogs, but not so close to them that Jane can’t keep their attention.

I really enjoyed talking with these two.

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