Mellie makes it right for Sherman

Mellie contacted me, very upset.  She had to put her beloved dog, Sherman to sleep after trying for a year to resolve her issues with aggression. Sherman just never got better, despite much training and confidence building, and Mellie trying to set her up for success.

Mellie had a son seven months ago, and Sherman was very hostile towards the baby. Mellie felt like she had no choice but to put her to sleep.


These choices are very hard.  Putting Sherman to sleep was not an easy decision. It was not made without much soul-searching.

Still, Mellie was not at peace.  Mellie felt horribly guilty and sad. She was in a deep state of grief.

Mellie hired an animal communicator to talk with Sherman on the other side.

Here’s what she wrote me:

I spoke to another animal communicator that I’d used in the past, soon after my dog passed. I was devastated by her communication. Sherman told me through her that I had made a grave mistake, that I misheard all the cues, that I wasn’t acting from my heart, and that I had betrayed her and was therefore now at a dead-end in my life. The trauma from that reading has added to my pain.

I’m hoping that perhaps we can mediate some of my dog’s pain and anger and I can gain some less tormenting insight and closure. I really do feel I did all I could before and after my son’s birth, and after he was 6 months old, Sherman was still becoming increasingly worse in her attempts to attack him – even though I could tell she didn’t “mean to” – it was like some switch was flipped towards only him. No other people aggression.

I felt so bad for her. To put a dog down, a beloved friend who was turning on her baby, and then to hear from an animal communicator that she wasn’t at peace.   I couldn’t tell if the animal communicator was just wrong, or if this dog was just in a really bad place.

It turns out that Sherman hadn’t crossed over.  She was angry and confused.

Here’s the email I sent back to Mellie:

The problem is not that you did the wrong thing.  The problem is that Sherman did not cross over.  So, you’ve got a confused and angry dog in a confused state. That’s why you got such an angry message and also why you haven’t had any peace.   Ugh. That’s terrible.

I just talked with Sherman and we got her crossed over.  She needed to understand that her bond with you was not in question or going away, but that her anger and pain needed to be handled by a higher source.

When I first contacted her, I found her in an old rail yard. She said, “I want Mellie here with me.” I said, “Mellie can’t come here. It wouldn’t be a safe place for her or the baby.”  Then Sherman got very upset and told me that nobody took care of her when she was a baby the way that Mellie takes care of  her baby.   So lots of jealousy and anger.

I located her light, and showed it to her, and it was a field of flowers, bright orange and yellow daisies.  She didn’t want to go into it. At first it was because she didn’t want to leave you. I let her know that once she was whole, she was going to be able to visit in spirit, and perhaps come back in another body. Then she had issues about her not being “good enough” for healing. I let her know that God makes little tenacious dogs for a reason, and that she was precious in her own way of being.

After she heard this, she stepped into the field, and made her way towards the light.

I  contacted Sherman a few days later. She shared with me that she was in a better place. She wanted to walk around with Mellie. I showed her how to follow her heart down to Mellie. It was good to see her at peace.  It turns out that she and Mellie have had several lifetimes together. They are kindred spirits.

If you have a deceased pet that’s angry, that’s spitting mad at you, you probably have a deceased pet who hasn’t crossed over.  It makes your grieving very difficult as you resonate their fear and anger in your emotional system.


I’m really happy that Mellie kept going, looking for a way to bring peace to a really difficult situation for her and for her dear friend.

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6 Responses to Mellie makes it right for Sherman

  1. Bridget, you are a beautiful healer. Thank you for this very moving account.

  2. Melissa says:

    WOW Bridget what an amazing story of the work you do. I am glad you brought peace to them both. Light & Love

  3. Liz says:

    Sniff, sniff. That’s so beautiful I’m about to cry 🙂 Amazing work Bridget!

  4. Mellie says:

    Thank you so very much, Bridget, for your help and healing. I feel so badly that my dog and I both went through such pain after she passed, and I am so relieved we were able to understand what happened and find some peace. I’m so grateful to know she’s healing, and look forward to having her come back in a physical body that better matches her energetically – I found that fascinating. Xoxo

  5. It is so good to hear that you could help Sherman. How sad to be so lost. But I am so glad you were able to help.

  6. What an amazing, heart-felt story — thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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