Lily and Lotus

I am partial to animals named Lily.

There’s Lily the horse (who belongs to my friend, Simrat):


There’s Lilydelphia, a lovely pittie belonging to Alexandra:


And there’s Lily the Cat, who lives with Liz in Maryland:


And Lily’s housemate, Lotus


So, Lily and Lotus and their owner, Liz have been clients of mine for a while now.  The last time I talked with Lilly and Lotus, it was to find out why Lotus was not a fan of Lilly.

Because Lotus is not a fan of Lily.  And Lily is all kinds of sweet, kind and wise.

Lotus runs up and hisses at Lily and then runs off.  She won’t let Lily on the bed.  She is just not hospitable.

So What’s Up with That?

Lotus doesn’t like Lily, she said, for several reasons, including this gem: She Smells.

She also told me that Lily was on her last nerve.

It turns out that Lily is wise and Lotus is street-smart.  There is a wide variety of intelligence in the animal world.  Not all intelligences mix well, it seems.

Lily’s Lungs

Lily suffers from lung disease. Happily, things are looking up for Lily.  She gets to stop taking oral prednisone after being on it for nearly a year. Her lungs, which were inflamed with chronic pneumonia, are now clear and doing well.

Prednisone is awful stuff.

One of the side effects is that it makes you insatiably hungry and thirsty all of the time.

So poor Lily has ballooned up to 16 lbs.  She’s so big that she can’t effectively clean herself.  Hence, the she smells comment from Lotus.

My conversation with Lily was mostly to see how she was feeling and to tell her how she can lose some weight, and also to talk with her about Lotus.

She’s feeling great.  She started talking to me about cilia.  Cilia are the little hair-like thingies in your lungs that help move the microscopic bits of stuff out.  Hers are working well.

Now, this is odd, folks.  I’m not used to cats throwing around a term like cilia.

When I asked Liz, Lily’s owner,  she said, Oh yeah, the vet showed us the x-rays, and talked with us about cilia yesterday. He was holding Lily in his arm and showing both of us her lungs.

Smart Cat.

We talked about eating less and exercising more.  Lily mentioned that she wanted to catch mice like Lotus.

That’s a great goal,  I told her.

And a great segue into talking about Lotus, her crabby, hissy sister.

What Lily said about Lotus

Here’s what wise Lily said about Lotus.

Lotus is scared of me because I’m so big.  She told me that I could squash her like a bug.

I said, Does that make you feel bad?

Lotus said,  No, she can’t see my true nature. It’s all right.

No judgment. No anger. Just a simple fact.  Acceptance.

That’s a lesson that I need to learn.  Often, when people lash out, it has a lot more to do with their perception than who we are.

Smart Cat.

We’re going to talk with Lotus soon, to try to explain to street-smart Lotus that Lily has a right to not be hissed at.

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