Keiko on Tuesdays

Keiko is one of my favorite cat clients. He’s a warm, warm buddha of a cat.

He passed away last year, but from time to time, his owner likes to check up on him.

When I tuned into Keiko, he was very happy to hear from me, which made me feel really good. This cat is so welcoming and accommodating.

I asked him to show me where he is, and he first shows me tall stalks of a wheat-like grass. Then I see a Keiko cruising by the wheat, on his way somewhere.

It’s an agrarian scene. I see two Vietnamese men with a cart and large barrels made of a reedlike material. They are filling them with a fluffy grain, like tips of wheat.

I ask, Who are these?

Keiko says, These are my friends.

He shows one of the men playing a stringed instrument, and the other setting a bowl of fish in front of Keiko. The fish was studded with bits of green onion and spices.

When I talk with Keiko’s owner, she says that Keiko had a great predilection for the food of Eastern Asia.

It’s interesting about the men working. The jobs that are in heaven are usually spiritual jobs. They’re helping people on earth. They’re improving the understanding of others. They’re praying. There is no need for food because food isn’t necessary.  You can conjure up whatever food you’d like.  So that these men are spending their day growing it and moving it and whatnot means that this act of work must be pleasurable, I’m guessing?  It’s interesting.

Keiko Visits

She asks me to ask Keiko if he still comes around to visit.

Keiko tells me that he visits her every Tuesday.  It turns out that as a novelist, Tuesday is her day to write. It doesn’t surprise her that Tuesday is the day that Keiko chooses to come around.  Last week, she was, coincidentally writing about walking by tall stalks of wheat!

Interesting how the imagery is the same!

After much warm sweet joyful greetings back and forth, and a hello to Keiko’s cat friend on earth, Gigi, we let Keiko go back to his time with his friends.

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