Hey Friends-

It’s Bridget.

I’m changing how I do things around here.

I love working with pets.  I especially love pet cases where I can make a significant difference in the life of the pet in question.

So, I’m changing who I work with, and how much I charge.

As of September 1st, I will take new clients on a case-by-case basis.  Each new client session is $250.  I will choose the client cases that are the best fit for my work. For $250, you get up to 2 hours of my time.

If the case is not one that’s a fit for me, I’ll recommend another animal communicator to you.

Why am I limiting my practice?

I’m REALLY GOOD at what I do. I want to work with my current clients and with new clients that I can really help. I like to help the difficult cases. I like to help motivated owners.

And…I find that the best way to help animals sometimes is to help people. If I can make people better, animal situations get better.

People who hire animal communicators have pretty good relationships with their pets already.

So, I’m working with people, and providing intuitive guidance to them.  This is where I can really help people and pets. This is where I can really make the world a better place.

I still want to work with my current clients, because I love them. They are all awesome.  And I want to help the pets that really need me moving forward.

So Who’s a Current Client?

Anybody that I’ve worked with before.

If I have worked with any pet of yours, I will talk with any pet of yours.  You are a current client.

Current Client Session Changes

Moving forward, a current client session is $110.  It’s 45 minutes of my time with you, plus about 20 minutes with your pet, prior to our call.  I will not be doing shorter sessions than that.  I wish I had the time and head space to do so. I don’t.

What about Grief Calls?

I’ve done a lot of work with end of life and grieving pet parents. I’d like to continue this work. If you are dealing with an end of life issue, or you’ve recently lost a pet, and you’re not a current client, and you’d like to work with me, please email me. In these situations, I typically charge the current client rate.


I’m offering my intuitive animal communication course one last time in October. Please join me.  I will not be teaching this in the foreseeable future.  I might bring it back when I have time again, but probably not. Life is short.

A Little Advice

If you want to work with me in the next year, and you’re not a current client, buy a session now.  Each session is good for a year.  Simply hit the Returning client button on the Consult page. I’m happy to add you to my roster.

Deep Love

I love you.  Thanks for understanding. You can contact me anytime at

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4 Responses to Ch…ch…ch…Changes…

  1. Sarah says:

    Way to go Bridget!!! Stepping into the potency of YOU and BEING all you are here to be, contributing what you contribute….BIG hugs!!! Way to go!!!

  2. melissa k says:

    My heart skipped a beat until I read I’m grandfather in…. yippie… you had me worried for a moment. I was waiting for the day you would get too busy to do everything you do for two and four legged peeps. Make sure you take care of you first your the product line. Did that make sense…..

  3. @TheGirlPie says:

    Ah, very nice, well done, clear and personal — I like this ch-ch-ch-change Bridget! It assures me that you’re taking care of YOU, conveying that you’ll take care of me and my pet… if I had one these days…

    And now ya got me interested in the workshop — not putting the urgency screws to me with the “possibly last one ever” bit, but reminding me that, yeah, life IS short, so if I wanna learn something, better now than never, eh? Man, you’re making my brain work overtime ~!

    Keep up the good works, chica ~

  4. Deana says:

    It is with mixed feelings that I read about your upcoming changes. Having such a limited income, I hate seeing your rates going up. Its nice to find the “hidden gems” like you that are affordable and within the realm of possibility financially for us poor folk. I see so many people struggling to figure out how to help their animal companions and I wish everyone could have access to excellent communicators such as yourself without having to worry about affordability.

    On the other hand, you are ABSOLUTELY worth it! As I’ve told you (and many other people), I put you right on par with Sonya Fitzpatrick. I also understand that as word gets out, you get more and more requests and you do have to draw the line somewhere–its the bittersweet side effect of any successful business (especially when its something where you can’t just hire extra help!). I’m happy that I’m grandfathered in, though and you have been SO helpful with me over this last, very tough, year I’ve had with my pets.

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