Help Grace?

Darla Clark lives in Southern Oregon, and with her husband, runs a wonderful rescue. Strawberry Mountain Mustangs takes in many horses every year, rehabilitates them and finds good homes for them.  They do it all without much funding.

The county sheriff calls Darla to take in neglected horses while the people who did the damage face prosecution.

Darla is an amazing organizer. She’s the most no-nonsense person I know. She does amazing work.

So, when I opened my facebook today and saw Grace, I knew that I needed to share her story with you.

This is Grace:

Grace’s owners starved her.  This is the worse case that Darla’s county has ever seen. They didn’t expect Grace to last the night.  They had no idea how she was still standing.  Now Darla’s had her 5 days or so, and Grace is stabilizing, and she’s perky and funny and has an incredible will to live.

Darla watches Grace follow the fence line as every car comes and goes. She’s begging for food.  She gets a tiny meal from Darla every two hours so as to not shock her system.

Talking with Grace

I had a short conversation with Grace today (pro bono, of course).  Darla wanted her to know that she was safe.  Grace said she knew that. I said, “Do you know where you are?” and she said, “I am with “Kindness”.”  She showed me Darla.

Her neck hurts. She’s got a heart murmur, but her spirit is well intact. She is warm, wise, joyful.

Let’s Help Grace

Grace has mounting medical bills. Darla and her rescue need our help to help Grace. Can you donate to the Grace Fund? Simply click the paypal button and write “For Grace” on the Note to Seller text box.

Alternatively, you can visit the Strawberry Mountain Mustangs Page and hit the paypal on the front page of their site.

We know that there are lots of jerks in the world. Here’s a chance to show one horse that the world’s got good in it too.

Please consider donating to help Grace.



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2 Responses to Help Grace?

  1. melissa k says:

    I’ll give on Fri. OMG I’m driving so I can’t read the story. The photo is all I need.

  2. Susie M says:

    I am physically ill. God Bless Darla for helping this beautiful soul. She has such a sweet face and it just baffles me how people treat their horses. To the people that did this – watch out. Karma has a mean way of coming back at you.

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