Jasper goes to the Wild

Megan took my first animal communication class.  She’s a farrier, with a few lovely horses, and a gorgeous dog named Jasper.

About a year ago, she called me with the news that Jasper had osteosarcoma.   This terrible cancer kills dogs dead in the space of a few months. It’s horrible.  It’s painful.

Was Jasper ready to go?

No. No he wasn’t.

Jasper, with the help of Megan and many health care providers (eastern, western, energetic), lived another 14 months.  We regularly checked in to make sure he wanted to be here. Jasper got to direct his care a lot. We knew the day would come when it would be his time, but it wasn’t quite his time yet, and then the day came when it was.

Going to the Wild

Jasper had told us, earlier, that he was going to go “to the wild”.  We had no idea what that meant.  We wanted to make sure that didn’t mean that he wanted to die alone in the woods behind their house, or otherwise have a difficult painful end.  He assured us that he was talking about his next life.

I worked with Megan and Jasper as they prepared for his passing, and said their goodbyes. Jasper said, “I love you, and when you need me, you’ll find me.”

(I’m not used to hearing things like that. These two are so close. They’ve been together forever.)

Jaspar died this past weekend.

Today, I checked in. He said, “I’m going to the wild.”  He showed me himself as a coyote or a wolf (he kept switching back and forth), and he showed me how he was going to try to keep similar spots so that Megan could recognize him, were they to cross to paths.

I got worried about him being a wild animal.

I said, “Jasper, stay safe.”

He said, “The point is not staying safe. The point is something else, entirely.”

I’m thinking about that today.   The point is not staying safe. The point is something else entirely.

Enjoy the Wild! Jasper!

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6 Responses to Jasper goes to the Wild

  1. Maribeth says:

    What a beautiful story! I have tears in my eyes. My Sandy was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and we lost her last August 29. Coming up on the 1st anniversary (she died in my lap on the way to the vet’s) and I’m thinking about her constantly. Hearing stories like this makes me feel really good. Jasper was a special boy ♥ Love to you Megan!

  2. Simrat says:

    I love that Jasper is reminding us all that being safe is not always the only, or even best, goal. Good journey to you, Jasper.

  3. Megan says:

    Thank you Bridget. I too have been thinking about Jasper’s comment that the point is not to stay safe but something else entirely. In our earlier communication with Jasper he told you to tell me that I should try “wild” as well. I’m still working on what that means for me or what he meant it to mean for me. Maybe over time I will sort out everything that Jasper gave to me above and beyond being the best dog to ever walk by my side. My energy practitioner worked on me a few days after he passed and said he left me his love. My already very open heart chakra as even more open. Her parting comment to me was “it will be interesting to see how you choose to use Jasper’s gift.” I’m left pondering that as well.

    Thank you Maribeth and Simrat for your comments.

  4. Bette Koetz says:

    It is wonderful that Jaspers’ friends are sharing his “extended” wisdom with us. I didn’t have the opportunity to know Jasper for a very long time, but it was obvious that he was one of the better angels among us, and will always be a part of our soul memory.
    All good engery to Jasper !!

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  6. Sarah says:

    OMG!!! I’ve been pondering this: The point is not staying safe. The point is something else, entirely.

    What if we could choose something so completely different each day…something else, entirely? WOW!

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