The Last Animal Communication Course Starts October 5th!

“After taking Bridget’s class, I feel so much closer to my pets. I check in with them when I’m away from home, and feel like I know, even more, what they’re thinking about and how to help them feel happy.”– Patty Anderson

Bridget’s Animal Communication Workshop

I love teaching this class, and I hope I can again, someday, but this next year is focused on another project, so this is the last Animal Communication course I’ll be teaching for a long time.

That means it needs to be awesome, right? Like all the other ones? Even Better? You got it.

Learn to talk with animals, including:

– The 9 different ways animals communicate
– How animals think differently than people
– How people think and how our thinking patterns get in the way of communication
-Your unique communication strengths
-How to deepen your relationship with your pets
-How to break through the silence and connect deeply with your pet
-The key to talking with wildlife
-How to talk with any animal anywhere
-How to find lost animals
-How to talk with animals that have passed to the other side
and more.

A Most Awesome Side Effect

The majority of my students have found that their intuition has grown in other areas as well, simply by learning how to tune into their animals.

Another Huge Bonus

My dog Olive? yeah, we talk to her. You’ll get a chance to hear her tell you stuff.

Workshop Logistics

The workshop starts Tuesday, October 5th. For 5 consecutive weeks, we’ll meet and practice talking to animals.

Each 2-hour class is repeated in its entirety on the following Saturday morning. For you east coasters and folks overseas, the Saturday make-up class is a great way to take part. Tuesday night’s class starts at 6 pm Pacific, and runs for two hours. The Saturday make-up class starts at 10 am.

If you miss both class times, each class is also recorded and available for you to listen anytime you want.

We use an online teleconference to call in and talk with each other. You do not need a webcam. You do need an internet connection.

Each class also includes an e-book with plenty of information and exercises to further your practice.

In-between classes, we’ll use a facebook page to discuss our results, share our pets’ pictures and keep in touch.

A one-on-one 20-min. mentoring session is also included!

Everybody Can Talk to Animals

I’ve taught hundreds of people to talk with animals. The hardest part is believing you can do it. I know you can.

Join Us

Cost: $200

To join us, visit the workshop page and hit the pay now button. Then, pay via Paypal. You’ll receive a welcome from me, along with information about how to participate.

Bridget’s Awesome Referral Program

For every paying friend you refer, I’ll refund 20% of your purchase price. Refer 5 friends, take the class for free! Simply have your friend write: “_________referred me” in the notes to seller section.

Questions? Please email me at I’d love to hear from you!

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