Animals Talk to us in 9 different ways

Yep. 9.
Talking with animals is a multi-media experience.


Here’s the 9 ways you could get information from your animal friend:

1. Seeing pictures or little movie clips in your head.
2. Feeling their emotions
3. Feeling a physical sensation like pain or discomfort (I often feel cold around Olive, because that little doggie needs to put on a sweater).
4. Hearing words
5. Smelling a smell (like a horse client who complained about how bad the manure pile by her stall smelled and then thought she’d share the smell with me. Pee-yew!)
6. Tasting a taste (I know what mouse tastes like and it’s not good)
7. Knowing- (sometimes you just have the complete story, even though you didn’t get the words.)
8. Embodiment- (A pet might show you their day through their eyes. It looks and feels like like you’re the pet. Whiskers and tails feel interesting).
9. Mapping- You can see where a pet is in relation to their house and to other points of interest. They’re sending you a little map of where they are.

Embodiment and mapping are rare occurrences. Most people get hearing and pictures first.

Try This:

Get a picture in your head of something your pet enjoys that you’d like to share with him or her. Think of your pet to get their attention and then imagine the picture. Perhaps you might imagine your dog at the dog park, for example, running and playing. Did your dog just run for the door? Yeah. You just talked to somebody.

Cool, huh?

Yep. Talking with our pets is something that we all can do. You can too. My Intuitive animal communication class starts Oct. 19th. I hope you’ll join us!

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