Believing that you can talk to animals is the biggest hurdle


Believing is the hardest part.  The actual talking? That’s easy.

We are neurologically programmed so that if we don’t believe we can do it, we can’t do it.

Last month, I tore a ligament in my knee. And it hurt.  And it felt weak and ridiculously unstable.   I went to see a physical therapist last week and she said, “It’s not so much that your knee doesn’t work, but that you don’t think it will.”

So I’m working on thinking that my knee will work, and lo and behold, it’s way more stable than it was.

It’s the same with animal communication

Odds are really good that you’re already communicating with your animals. A lot. All the time.
There were a bunch of my students at the Tired Dog Ranch this weekend, and one of the things I noticed was how all of them talk with their pets. They talk about how they talk with them, and what their pets said,and it was as easy and comfortable to them as talking to their spouses or their children or anybody else.

That can be your reality.

Why don’t we do it automatically?

There are a couple of good reasons why. First of all, animals think differently than we do. They are more present. They are more in-the-moment. Also, they don’t just think in words. They think in feelings, pictures, smells, tastes, words. Many ways. It’s a multi-media experience talking with a pet. If you’re not present and if you’re not expecting to see a picture from your pet, you may miss it.

Also, we just assume we can’t. So we don’t.

The Truth

You can talk with pets. You can do it. What we do in my class is more about uncovering our gifts than learning something new. You can do this. I promise.

Please join me on Oct. 19th, 2010

This is my last Intuitive Animal Communication course. I’d love it if you would believe in yourself and join us. .

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