Call for Submissions: The Pets are Talking Book


After years of conversations with hundreds of pets, it’s time to write a book that honors those relationships.

There’s lots of books about intuitive animal communication. Let’s write a book about our relationships with our pets. I want to write a book about how listening to our intuition bridges the language divide, and brings us closer. Also, I think we can write about how our pets change us and make us better.

I know a few stories that I want to put in there. I want to write about Horseshoe and Bliss and Gyp and Jasper and Wally and Karmin and Binah.

Horseshoe and Casey

Your pet’s story might be a good one too. If your pet has been a client of mine, and you’d like to share your pets’ story, can you please send me an email? I’ll interview you about your experience and your relationship, and then I’ll write about it. I’d like to find a way to include writings from owners too, and also advice from the animals themselves. Animals so often have these great wisdoms that we can learn from.

If your pet hasn’t been a client of mine, but you’d like to be included, please understand that I’ll be pulling compelling stories from new clients too.

Also, there must be a charity component to this book, right? We’re going to give a percentage of sales to some awesome, yet-to-be-named rescue group. I’d love your recommendations on that too.

My plan is to gather materials now and then spend the month of January writing the book.

Thanks for your interest, opinions, enthusiasm and participation!

much love,

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