A few weeks ago, at the Tired Dog Ranch, I met Cheyenne. My friend, Laura, had adopted Cheyenne, and had been told that Cheyenne was a “perfect pack horse”.

There was one tiny little problem. Cheyenne was not safe to be lead anywhere.  Laura said she felt like she was flying a 900-lb. kite.  She didn’t feel safe around Cheyenne because Cheyenne was flighty and not paying attention.

When Laura rode her, though, she behaved pretty well, especially if she had her buddy, Lydia nearby.

Laura is an animal communication student of mine. She’s wise and kind and makes beautiful jewelry out of bicycle tires and bottle caps. She also works as a massage therapist, and this is where she often hears from her animals.

She was at her massage table one day, when she heard Cheyenne say, “I’m Valentine.”  Valentine was a Welsh pony she had as a child. Laura was shocked! She had only had Valentine for a short time.

I took a look at Cheyenne’s energetic body, her chakra system. To me, chakras look like little rooms, or boxes, one stacked on the next.  Cheyenne was missing her two lower chakras and it looked like the chakras from her belly to her forehead had been hit by lightning! They were charred and broken. This poor horse wasn’t grounded, and wasn’t spiritually well.

I worked with Cheyenne to help her feel more grounded. She told me that when Laura or Lydia touched her, she felt better, grounded, but otherwise she felt anxious and weird. We did some energy work on Cheyenne, helping her dormant 1st and 2nd chakra come alive, and helping her other chakras heal. She was very accepting of the treatment, and seemed quietly excited about her new life.

She told me that she was really happy to find Laura again. She liked riding with Laura and she wanted to do other stuff too. She mentioned learning tricks, something a pony might learn, but not so much a mustang.

A few days ago, Laura emailed me. Cheyenne is better on the lead. She’s making good choices in the pasture.  and here’s more from Laura:

Since you were here last week, when I go see her I really get myself grounded and she puts her forehead against my chest.  It has been absolutely beautiful!  Amy Jo (the barn owner) today said that she is starting to see little changes in her for the good.  I think that girl is going to come around!  Thanks again Bridget!!! ~Laura

I want to write more about animals and their energetic bodies this week. We each have one, and there’s lots we can do to support the animals in our lives who are struggling.

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