Kind words from Simrat

Simrat Khalsa took my class several years ago.

Here, she shares her experience:

I took Bridget’s in person weekend workshop. I was a bit skeptical, but went with an open mind. What I found was a very down to earth, practical woman who knew what she was doing.

I found that talking to animals and tuning into my intuition is a skill that can be practiced and learned, just like the meditation that I’ve been doing for years. It was like exercising muscles that I hadn’t used for that purpose in a while.

We learned techniques to use and even validated our results. And it was fun!

I got the greatest advice of all from her horse, Bert. He said, “More Love” when I asked him what I needed to be better at communicating.

I recommend working with Bridget. It is worth it.
– Simrat Khalsa

Simrat and Lily

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