Pets are Talking Students Speak about their Experience!

It can be hard to wrap your head around the idea that you, too can talk with animals. Every student of mine faces this conundrum.

I thought it’d be good to hear from a few of my students and their experiences of learning to talk with their pets.

Patty Anderson

Patty took my very first animal communication course.

“After taking Bridget’s class, I feel so much closer to my pets. I check in with them when I’m away from home, and feel like I know, even more, what they’re thinking about and how to help them feel happy.”- Patty Anderson, Oregon

Sarah Vadnais

Sarah works with horses in Minnesota. She took my class to learn how to talk with her own pets and to gain a better connection with her horse clients, as well.

Sarah Vadnais

“Before taking Bridget’s animal communication class, I was seriously lacking in confidence when attempting animal communication. I thought it was supposed to look a certain way or that if it didn’t show up a certain way that meant it wasn’t happening at all.

Then I participated in Bridget’s class and everything changed. Now, with Bridget’s simple tips and steps, I can see that animal communication is quite easy and that I can actually do it all the time. I learned that animal communication shows up how it shows up and that just because it doesn’t look the same as someone else, doesn’t mean that it’s not correct or that it’s not happening. My confidence has increased 1000% or more. I am so grateful for Bridget’s patient guidance and her tips and tools and her incredible support and encouragement.

If anyone is on the fence about taking Bridget’s animal communication class, my recommendation to them would be RUN, don’t walk to sign-up! What are you waiting for? What else could be possible for you on your journey to animal communication?!?!
– Sarah Vadnais, Minnesota”

Laura Robson

Laura is a massage therapist in Oakridge, Oregon. She took my in-person workshop at the Tired Dog Ranch. She uses animal communication to talk with her dog, and also her new horse, Cheyenne.

Laura Robson

I found the animal communication class Bridget to be profound and life changing. How cool it is to talk to animals? yes, Yes, YES, but it was more than that. It opened the door to the possibilities of the universe that most of us don’t see. Thank you Bridget for opening that door!
-Laura Robson, Oregon

Tasha Vadnais

Tasha Vadnais owns some of my favorite horse clients, including Stormy, Izzy, and Shatona.

“Bridget’s animal communication course was awesome! I loved hearing stories from the other classmates about their experiences with their pets, as well as sharing my own. It also showed my beloved pets how much I loved and appreciated them by making the effort to communicate with them myself.
Bridget’s class teaches more than just communication too. It teaches you not only to be one with your pet, but to look deep inside your soul, and learn more about yourself and how to make yourself a better being. Highly recommended!”
-Tasha Vadnais, California (no relation to Sarah, but definitely kindred spirits)

Join Us

Want to talk with your pets? Want to learn to be a pet psychic? Everybody can talk to animals! I hope you’ll join us by taking the final Pets are Talking Animal Communication Course. It starts Oct. 19.

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  1. Bridget,

    Fate brought you to my live piggie cam, but God brought me to your blog. I am looking for a way to subscribe to updates. I have read a little, but will read all of it very soon. I began using an animal communicator when I adopted a bearded collie mix and just couldn’t understand what she needed. She was crazy and for the first time in 12 adoptions, I thought of returning her. But when I adiopt I make a covenant with the animal and with God that I will care for them for their natural life.

    In one session, Suzie’s behaviour began to change for the better, and I have my vet as a believer in animal communication.

    That once chance to understand Suzie was 10 years ago and she became one of the finest dogs I’ve ever shared my life with.

    Bless you for the work you do, it’s sometimes literally a life saver.

    Jill Christopher

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