Fernie takes a wrong turn…

I received a long worried email on Friday night.

From Cristen-

My cat Fernie has been gone 11 days now.

Fernie lived in a barn before she lived with us. Every now and again she will disappear for 24-48 hours, but then come home and rest and cuddle and love on us. Over the past couple months she has disappeared for longer periods. Prior to this 11 day disappearance, the longest she was gone was 4 days.

She had surgery about 2 1/2 months ago and had to have all but two teeth removed due to an infection in her mouth. I could tell she was feeling much better and just 5 days after her surgery I saw her run out of the neighbor’s yard with a mouse!

Because I was worried that perhaps she was injured or trapped, I had a K-9 search and rescue team come out. The dog lead the handler to a nearby bus stop. He then told me someone took my kitty on purpose and went off on the bus with her. I put flyers up all over. The ones near the bus stop were torn down two days in a row. Of course this upset me. I began to think “the thief” was doing this. Then, on Wednesday, I thought I saw her down the street! I called her name, the cat looked at me then ran up a driveway and disappeared. I looked all over all the adjacent yards for an hour, and even recuited some of the neighbors to help.

That evening I was feeling pretty good. Perhaps she was weaving her way home? Maybe it really was her. Sure looked like her, but tabbies are common. Later that same evening I got a phone call.

As soon as my phone rang, I got the chills. I just knew it was weird. A man asked me if I knew who he was. I replied that I didn’t. He asked again and I said “No, what can I do for you?”

Then he asked if I was missing a cat. I said that yes I was. Then he said “I have her.” I thanked him for calling and expressed my delight (albeit hesitantly) then he said he was making pop corn. “Oh. Ok. Um, did she wander into your yard?” I asked. Then he laughed, said “Nope” and hung up.

I feel my intuition is all mixed up and failing me right now. I can’t decide how to focus my energy and I find myself going back and forth from hope to despair. I keep getting a vision of her laying on some type of cushion or chair, feet all tucked in, but I don’t know what it means. Maybe I will never know, but sue said you are for real and might be able to help.

Did I see Fernie or another cat? Is she safe? Does some crazy guy have her hostage? If she is nearby, why won’t she come home to us?

Thank you for your consideration,

Cristen Lincoln

Where’s Fernie?

As you can imagine, I wasn’t sure I wanted to tune it. Was Fernie with some crazy guy? Had she been taken on a bus? Where was she? How could a cat with just two teeth survive eleven days?

I tuned into Fernie. She was ready to come home, but she wasn’t even upset or scared. A little annoyed. Fernie was under a bush by a small white detached one-car garage. She wanted me to tell Cristen that she was getting enough to eat, that someone was putting out food for another cat. For just a second, I saw a flash of a kind, red-haired woman.

I asked, “Did you go somewhere by bus?”
Fernie said, “What?”
I showed her a bus, and people getting on and off of one. I didn’t get a yes or a no, just a confused feeling.

I tried again, “Are you far from home or close to home? Do you know how close?”

She said that she thought she was close to home, but that she had gone a different way than she usually did. She showed me her spooking and then running across a street. She wasn’t sure how to get back.

I emailed Cristen. She emailed back and said she felt relieved and that she knew her little family would come back together.

On Saturday, she emailed me again:

Bridget! You were right! Our block faces 54th on the east, and 53rd on the west. Fernie is hanging out on the block that faces 53rd to the east, and 52nd to the west. She is eating cat food set out by some nice people on 53nd, who are trying to befriend a skinny stray and give him a home. They saw my flyer and called me.

One of the women has red hair! And, there is a little white garage behind their house that is her escape route.

Twice they have called me when she was on the porch eating. Both times she ran away from me. The first time she meowed and meowed at me. She hardly ever talks, so constant meowing isn’t her MO. I followed her and she hopped a chain-link fence. I stuck my hand through and eventually she sniffed me, and then gave me a bit of love. When I went around the house to get to her side of the fence, she ran away from me again.

If she happens to come to you, can you please tell her that I am safe for her? I am going over there again in the morning when she comes to eat. She is so close to home!

Thank you so much!

I emailed back, suggesting a hava-hart trap.

On Tuesday, another email…

Good morning Bridget. I wanted to let you know that Fernie is home safe with us. We had to build a trap to fit into a crawl area where we found she was sleeping. It worked! She has been home for just over an hour and already giving us much love. Not sure what happened to her out there.

Awesome. Welcome home Fernie!

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