How do you celebrate with your pet?

My big dog, Benny, turns 9 on January 15th. For his birthday, he and I go for a special walk together, and then he gets a burger with bacon, and to sit on the couch by the fire as his dad pets him and tells him what a good boy he is.

Because he can’t hear that enough! (And really, who can hear that enough?)

And Here’s Gus

He’ll be 10 on Monday. For his birthday, his mom, Holly, and his sister Boots take him to McDonald’s, where they share a plain burger and each get a spoonful of vanilla shake. Their parrot brother, Austin, eats the bun.

What does your pet want for his or her birthday?

My clients ask their pets this question quite often, and what we hear is that pets like our full attention and some time with us. They like a present or two, but what they want more than anything is our full attention, which is free and usually pretty easy to give.
It’s so funny. Owners are sometimes quite disappointed.
I had a client who threw her dog an elaborate party (with a custom mashed potato and carrot cake) and her dog told me that what she loved most was when everybody left and her mom scratched her belly and they sat on the rug surrounded by new toys.
I asked about the party, and Glory said, That was okay. But I really liked it when my mom scratched my belly.
Simple pleasures.

Tell us how you celebrate?

Can you share how you celebrate milestones with your pet? What do they enjoy most?

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2 Responses to How do you celebrate with your pet?

  1. Brenda says:

    My son found an abandoned kitten & we held “Lucky” constantly. She thought she was a human. We live in a rural area so she loved to roam the woods & bring moles home, line them up at the front door proudly. We knew when a thunderstorm would be approaching as “Lucky” would run to the house like a bat out of hell, thump with her hind feet on the front door (her “I want in” trained the humans routine) to be let in and run to the basement bottom step, pressing herself as closely to it as she could, wimpering. We knew a thunderstorm was approaching, and routinely 15 minutes later, more accurate than the TV News/Weather report.

  2. Citadel says:

    My dog also loves a long walk and ride in my truck with me. He loves it. But nothing beats a McDonald burger with cheese and bacon. Sometimes I know it is not good to feed him with a burger, but seeing him enjoy the burger so much just made me happy. Recently, I was introduced to Pawalla box ( a subscription box for dogs (they have box for cats) too – think like wine of the month, and we just received our first box. Ivan loves loves it! He couldn’t stop wagging his tail exploring all great products in the boxes, wet food, treats, supplements, and toys (all-natural and orgnic and hand-picked by a pet nutritionist) … I love Pawalla box so much!

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