No One Believes They Can Talk To Animals (until they do it).

The very first time I tried to talk to an animal, I really tried. And I failed.

I had naturally done it the night before, in the middle of the night, when my dog Beaulah needed me.

But in the morning, no luck.

I squished up my face. I strained. Nothing. Beulah just looked at me, and fell back asleep.

It was another 9 months before that I heard another animal talk. A kitten that we were fostering had a very serious opinion about his name.

His words were clear as a bell, unmistakable.

I had no idea how I had heard them.

A few months later, I adopted an old horse, who was easy to hear, and spoke emphatically and often.  And in a couple of years, I had it figured out.

If you are concerned that you can’t talk to animals, you’re totally normal.

If you feel like you have no idea how you’re going to talk to animals, that’s totally okay.

The irony is that you already talk to animals. You always have been able to do it. And you’re probably not too bad at hearing either.

When it comes together, it feels so easy.  Remember learning to ride a bike or drive a stick-shift? Remember how hard it felt, how complicated it seemed?

And then you just started doing it, and now you can do it without even thinking about it. Animal communication is a lot like that. Almost exactly like that.

Riding a bike or driving a stick shift- it works so much better when you’re relaxed.  It’s so much easier if you settle into it.  Animal communication works the same way. It’s not about straining to hear. It’s all about very quietly, softly reaching out.

You can do this.

My next (and last) online class is starting May 6th.  Every Tuesday for six weeks, we’ll meet, learn, share and then talk with animals. You’ll learn how animal communication happens, how animals experience the world, and how you can be part of their world.

Between classes (held in a google + hangout),  we’ll meet and talk in our own private facebook group.

Each week, you’ll get another section of the Pets are Talking Intuitive Animal Communication Workbook, so that you can read along as I teach.  Each week’s hang-out will be recorded, so if you miss a class, you can stay caught up.

I hope you’ll consider joining us for this class. And, whether you do or not,  I hope you’ll remember that ease is the key to success. Anything stronger than a light tension pulls us right off the path.  You can do this.

I can’t wait to open registration! I expect to open the registration page very very soon!



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