Your First Animal Friend- A Way to Understand the Energetic Signature

Think back for a minute to the first time you felt close to an animal.
Who was that animal?

If you could use 3 words to describe that animal, what would they be?

My first animal friend was a dog named Blackie.
Blackie was a beagle/dachshund mix.  My parents got him when my mother was pregnant with my twin brother and me. He was my older brother’s  your mom is having twins dog.

Bridget, Cupcake, Blackie and Joel

The 3 words I would use to describe Blackie’s energy are:
virile ( dude was a wandering rogue with an eye for the ladies. He was about 20 lbs. of man-dog).
–  sweet (he loved to give kisses).
–  confident (if he got out of the yard, he would race away, looking behind us and laughing because there was no way we’d catch him before he was ready to be caught. Also, he was an unrepentant car chaser).
From the moment you looked at Blackie, or reached out and pet him, you’d know what he was about. He was the easiest dog to read.

Close your Eyes and Feel the Energy of Your Pet

You know your pet. You know what they are about. And sometimes you can feel their feelings. It’s not just observation.
Try this:
Close your eyes and put your hand on your pet.
Take a deep breath.
Let the details of their energy flow to you.
See what shows up!
At its most simple, animal communication is just knowing the pet that’s with you. That takes curiosity and the ability to feel and listen.  Anybody can do it.

Morrie and my Mullet

Morrie was our alley cat. The people who lived down the street left him behind. We found him digging around our trash.
It was early spring in central Minnesota.

Every day, I’d put food out for him, and for the first few months, I turned right around and left.  He’d wait until he was sure I was gone, and then he’d eat.

And over time, I moved the food bowl from the alley to our driveway to the sidewalk to the steps of our house.
After a month or so, he’d let me sit in the driveway while he ate.

One day, he let me pet him. I had tried several times before, and he would run off, and I would worry that I wasn’t going to see him again.  And then we’d go back to me putting the dish down and going back in the house, and then slowly, he’d let me sit and watch him eat. We’d start over.

He took to following me around when I was outside.  And then one day, he walked into the house behind me. And he stayed.
He stayed another decade. He died of kidney failure when I was in college.
That’s Morrie and me. I’m rocking a mullet and a muscle shirt. It was the 80’s.
 I spent a spring and a summer getting to know him and not needing a thing from him.
I learned that he caught birds, not rodents.
He didn’t like a butt scratch.
He didn’t like it when people stomped their feet.
His energy was very clear and matter-of-fact. Not that I would have said energy at the time.
He was not the most affectionate of cats, but I always got the message that he really loved me.

Please understand, I couldn’t talk to animals then. If I had the ability when I was tiny, ( and really, I don’t remember), I didn’t have it as a tween.

But I could figure him out. Nearly every kid understands the energy of the animals around them. And once they learn not to pull tails or put fingers in ears, they know a lot about their animal friends.

You can get back to that place of knowing. You just have to relax, rest a hand on your pet and be there.  You can figure out their energy and then you can learn to talk with them. Anybody can. Of course you can.

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