Litter Box Troubles: Part 1: Start Here

Ugh. Cat Pee. On your carpet. Or couch. Or shoes.

It’s the worst.

This is one of the most common cat complaints that I encounter.

Over the next 5 days, we’ll solve your litter box problem. Your cat will use their box, and you’ll have a better understanding of how your cat thinks and feels.

First things first, your cat is not mad at you.

Your Cat Is Not Mad at You

Grey CatCats do not plan ahead.

They aren’t heading for the water dish, thinking, I’ll show her.

Cats serve their revenge piping hot in the form of bites and scratches and tail-flicking rage.

When your cat sprays your shoes, he’s trying to solve a problem.

If you solve your cat’s problem, your problem goes away!

What Problems Could Your Cat Have?

I know, right?

And why would your cat use urine to solve the problem?

If your cat had thumbs and a bank account, trust me, he’d use Amazon like the rest of us. As it is, he just has bodily fluids, teeth, claws, meows and withering stares. Your cat is working with limited tools. And he’s no Macgyver to begin with.

To a cat, using cat logic, urine is an obvious solution to their problem. It’s a cat thing. You wouldn’t understand because you do not have cat logic and you do not speak cat.

But, as their friend, you have tools and resources that they don’t have. You can be a real help to them. And then they will stop peeing on your stuff.

Your cat may have a very basic problem. Or it may be more complex.

Start with the Basics

Please make sure that all these are true before you look for a more complicated litter box mystery.

  1. The cat box is clean, roomy and private.
  2. There’s more than one, if needed. Experts recommend one more box than there are cats.
  3. You have been to the vet and confirmed that your cat does not have a medical issue like a urinary tract infection, or digestion problems that make urgency part of the problem. And also, make sure that your cat does not have arthritis, which would make getting into the litter box difficult.
  4. You have also confirmed that your cat does not have the age-related kitty dementia that is causing her to mistake the laundry basket for the litter box.
  5. You’ve used an enzyme cleaner like “Nature’s Miracle” to take the cat stink out of the spots your cat has hit.

Tomorrow- it’s cat logic time.  I’ll show you how cats view the world, and how you might be unwittingly causing frustrations for your cat.

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