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Scoutie the wonder dog needs a home- Is it your home?

We have fostered Scoutie for nearly four weeks, and in that time, he’s gone from a scared and snappy little fellow, with some resource issues and conflict control aggression, to a total sweetheart that I will miss hanging out with. … Continue reading

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Your First Animal Friend- A Way to Understand the Energetic Signature

Think back for a minute to the first time you felt close to an animal. Who was that animal? If you could use 3 words to describe that animal, what would they be? My first animal friend was a dog … Continue reading

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No One Believes They Can Talk To Animals (until they do it).

The very first time I tried to talk to an animal, I really tried. And I failed. I had naturally done it the night before, in the middle of the night, when my dog Beaulah needed me. But in the … Continue reading

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It’s not so much the talking, it’s the listening

The new dog is in the back, Michelle texted. His name is Joplin. I let Lexie, Katin and Emilio out of their kennels and while they danced around and ran down the hall, I went to the back to let … Continue reading

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I am now going to rant about people who make bad choices…and are possibly addicted to rescuing.

A few days ago, I received this email. Hello Bridget, I have been seeking a communicator for my two dogs. I am hoping that you will or you know someone who can help me. I have two female dogs who are … Continue reading

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Ellie, Get your Grr…

Patrick and Mindy asked me to consult with their dog, Ellie.  Ellie is awesome.  She’s a straightforward smart dog. She also was driving Patrick and Mindy a little nutty with her barking. And it didn’t help that she got her … Continue reading

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What The Animals Have Taught Me

Animals have the gift of knowing what they want, in the moment. That’s so cool. Continue reading

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Let’s Hear It for The Clean Read

When I leave a successful client session, I want my clients to feel like I’ve talked with their pets, and solved their issues. I want to foster an environment of trust, so that they know, without a doubt, that I … Continue reading

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Do you have a good relationship with your pet?

Our pets spend years working on being in relationships with us. They are (mostly) patient, (often) loving and (generally) enthusiastic as they try to be our friends. And most humans want that too. We want to be close to our … Continue reading

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Remembering Hunni

It seems strange to me that the first post I write in 18 months for Pets are Talking is about my own dog. I’ve been working with so many wonderful animals,  Cordelia, Noah, Grimalkin, Max, and Jackson and Jackson and … Continue reading

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